Why Join FourStar Wealth Advisors?


Freedom to build your brand and your business your way

Since you are taking the career and financial risk of building your business, you should have the freedom to deliver the services you want, charge whatever you feel is fair, hire who you want and when you want, and build your brand without the compliance handcuffs that large companies demand. That is why we started FourStar and created a platform that provides you maximum freedom to choose whatever providers and innovative products you want to offer, structure you fees however you wish, and be as creative as you want in promoting your business. You are free to join or leave without any restrictive covenants or clawbacks. Why? Because it’s YOUR business, not theirs.


No longer will your marketing be shackled by restrictive corporate compliance staffs who stifle both your creativity and your abillity to “tell your story”  and differentiate the unique value you provide. You can structure your fees however you feel is fair and reflect your value. If you wish, you can establish annual planning retainers as well as investment management fees.


Higher Income and Higher Net Worth

Greater payouts and a flexible advisor model matrix give the advisor the power to choose the payout structure that works best for them. All model payouts are among the highest available.


Greater payouts will have an immediate effect on your profits every month, which you can now use to grow your business or add to your personal savings. In addition, because you select the advisor model that fits you, you never pay for services you wont use.

By having full ownership over your book asset value, you can build it however you wish. All your accounts at FourStar Wealth Advisors as well as all accounts acquired and developed here are YOUR assets. This allows you to build real equity in your book which can be sold at a later date. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage your business, your lifestyle and your net worth however you wish.


Superior Tools

FourStar Wealth Advisors offers a unique toolbox that gives advisors greater opportunities to service and expand their client base.


  • Philanthropic Advisory Services
  • Fiduciary Executive Advising Suite
  • Technology Suite Including: Cloud Based Computer and Citrix Sharefiles
  • Financial Planning Suite

FourStars unique tool set gives you a platform to expand your capabilities through new and innovative frontiers

FourStar Philanthropic Advisor Services can both assist you in providing your clients the most up to date, cutting edge philanthropic solutions AND provide new revenue streams to your practice through additional philanthropic services.

Our Fiduciary Executive Advising Suite empowers you with the knowledge, capabilities and resources to target untapped wealthy prospect clusters while simultaneously elevating your service capability to your existing clients.

Our next level Technology Suite includes easy and secure file transfer as well as remote cloud computing that will increase your staff’s productivity while giving you the flexibility to operate from anywhere in the world.

The FourStar Financial Planning Suite can have an immediate effect on your current clients by providing cutting edge risk tolerance measurement to ensure your clients are comfortable with their financial portfolio.


Enhanced Marketing

At FSWA, you will have the freedom to creatively promote your business and showcase your unique value. In addition, you ‘ll have the opportunity to “piggy back” on the unique marketing strategies that FSWA is implementing. Due to our leadership in philanthropy and real estate, we are creating an extensive network of complementary professionals such as estate attorneys and specialized accountants with whom you are welcome to utilize for providing deep level expertise to your clients as well as to develop cross-referral alliances.


First, you will have the freedom to vividly showcase your unique value when promoting your business. Second, you will be able to tap our deep-level expertise to provide more valuable guidance to your clients and serve them in more areas. Third, you can utilize our experience to guide you in establishing your brand in the highly lucrative ares of philanthropy and high level executives. Fourth, we can help you develop and implement a social media program to build your visibility and engage with prospects and clients.


If FourStar Wealth Advisors sounds like a fit for you Send Us a Message